More on luck-dog.

Life is filled with luck, both good and bad.  Two workers can have the same training and education, and go to the same job interview.  If one got spoiled food for dinner at a hamburger place the night before, and spends the job interview running to the bathroom the other will be more lucky in getting the job. Two dogs may be the same breed, and live on the same block.  Yet the one who runs after birds in traffic when his owner left the gate open will have less good luck. Hard work plays a role, but so does raw fate no matter who you are or what is your work.  At some point you just have to let go and know you can’t control the universe.




The ugly words.

August always makes me edgy.  It was August back in 2005 in Fort Lee, Virginia that I was raped and beaten repeatedly.  They kept never giving me a permanent duty station, and kept in in “training” a bizarrely long time as the sexual harassment increased and increased.  The sexual harassment and rapes were not an accident; they put me there to make me their beating female.  Large six inch bruises covered my body from the beatings by male military personnel.  It has taken me years of therapy not to vomit when I see the color Army green on Television or in person. I still go to therapy to this day for the nightmares.  My child had to hear her mother wake up screaming about being raped.  Rape is an ugly word. Society tells women they were “asking” for it if it happened. Because no one wants to mention the ugly words the fact that it has become very-very common particularly among military men is hidden from government statistics.  People need to mention it in blogs and journals so that the others it has happened to do not feel so alone.  The main stream media will not touch the topic due to ugly words, and it is up to individuals to make it known.



More on now vs Most.

I can’t make it out this weekend to show events, college school books won the money battle for the week. Have fun all. :-) I had several friends playing at Texas Industrial Fest the concert event, and the show at Elysium Club this Saturday. Now I remember why Halloween is such a big social even for students, they are too broke from books and other fees to do anything at the start of school in September.


Now vs Most Pic 1

More on Good Classes.

Earn Best Day Pic 1


Woot, I got the classes I need to take the GRE test I need for grad-school. Teachers are great too! A good semester at long last.

Sale on 10000 steps.

Sale discounts this week on 10,000 step books on Amazon.  This one is heavily based in UK government research.


10000 Steps Isaacs Pic 1

More on change.

Looking forward to more change, after a hard week.


Effort Change Pic 1

Williams makes it go away.

William War News Joke 1


I loved Robin Williams’ comedy so much when I was a kid.  It almost feels like a family member died.  If he had to die, I am almost glad it happened the way it did. In the USA there tends to be a stereotype that the only people who claim to have depression are spoiled rich kids, and crack heads ten seconds away from death.  Williams made people see that it is human beings who battle depression.

A drawback however, is that he has so dominated the news nothing else gets attention.  A full world is outside one man who lived in the wealthy section of Hollywood.

Males tend to succeed in suicide at advanced levels to women, and yet women report depression in greater numbers compared to males. “Women are nearly twice as likely as men to have depression.” According to Mayo Clinic (“Depression in women, understanding the gender gap.” This issue shows that healthcare conditions need to improve for both genders.  If a male as wealthy as Williams could not get care in time, the situation is far worse for people suffering worse financial problems.

Woman on Dollar Joke 1

More on next week.



Not Get Up Quote Pic 1


Next week I get very busy with work and school. It is scary to take on so much at one time, but also a much needed change.

Food and Riots a well known history.

Ferguson Control World Pic 1

“President Obama signs $8.7 billion food stamp cut into law” happens right before the Ferguson riots. It is not a “one guy got shot” problem at the roots.

If food and social services cuts went too deep, this is J-U-S-T how it would look! Often hitting female applicants with children the hardest. The rich were killed in nightmare ways in the French Revolution, and it is a part of history not good to repeat in the United States.

“Who is to blame in one country? Never can get to the one.” Ferguson riot ups plays of Electric Avenue

Electric Avenue is based on the 1981 Brixton riot, Electric Avenue was a riot street in London.

“Let them eat cake.” Was a famous chant in the French Revolution riots, an phrase icon of how the rich did not care if the poor had food.

“Can’t get food for the kids.” is a chant in Electric Avenue, a song about London riots.

The rich were killed in nightmare ways in the French Revolution, and it is a part of history not good to repeat in the United States.

I got “you are dark” comments on a few Internet pages for posting these well known facts of history. News, books, and being well read IS dark. Being too perky can mean you lack information.

Just like the French leaders who would say…. “Let them eat cake.”

One good thing, it makes Katrina back in 2005 look pretty well run.

Video this week now clearly shows that M. Brown was taking soda from the store. His “gangster fashion” baggy clothes were worn to conceal him taking soda, food, and in last part smokes.  Not the best healthy food in the world, yet it would have been covered by food stamps. 8.7 Billion dollar food stamp cuts in Feb. have now in part killed a human being. This is not a black/white thing, as much as it is a commentary on how all Americans need to struggle more with small purchases at stores.  Why does this never get said by the press? Because it is being kept out of the press.

Paper Clip Tanks Pic 1

More on the value of education.

Ball Universe Joke 1


More on the value of education.  I am not the first person to notice that it is odd that teachers often make the same income as fry cooks.  Meanwhile, tossing a basketball around makes some people millions in cash.  When did this become a norm of activity?  There is also a popular bumper sticker saying, “It will be a great day when the Airforce has to hold a bakesale to buy a bomber, and schools have all the money they need.”  It is professional men’s basketball which tends to have high incomes and lucrative endorsement deals, and the military is a male-dominated profession.  In contrast, nursing and teaching have a heavy female component to their population.  It is hard to ignore that it is in part a devaluation of female’s place in society, and their work value, which has helped create an income gap.

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