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Halloween Bat New Orleans 2

More on Time for Homework.

Devil-finds-work-for-idle-hands-proverbs Pic 1

Life is epically better since I have returned to college night school.  It is time to get down to some serious homework. There is an old Puritan saying. “Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop.” It is a paraphrase of the Bible statement saying the following. “One who is slack in his work is brother to one who destroys” (Proverbs 18:9). It goes along well with Aristotle’s famous quote. “Man is by nature a goal seeking animal.” Both say in essence that if you don’t have something good to do you will be sure to seek something BAD to do with your time.  Eating junk food, playing video games, and worse hobbies will soon fill your day. Our government lacks subsidies that many other governments have for students, and many studies say it leads to much higher crime rates compared to other nations. Night school online was good, but classroom classes are far better.  It may get annoying dealing with the crowds at first, but dialogue is a far better teacher in comparison to reading cold textbooks.

I do like the Pumpkin EVERYTHING part! Even the stuff with no real Pumpkin.

Pumpkin Everything Joke 1

Drugs, the Modern Day Witch Hunt and Drag-queen names.

Witch_hunt Judiciary Pic 1

Drugs, the Modern Day Witch Hunt and Drag-queen names.

I am angry at having been falsely accused of doing drugs and drinking many times by coworkers. I have NEVER failed a drug test! Like spirit testimony in a witch hunt, how can you truly prove or disprove what ISN’T THERE to leave evidence? I don’t do drugs at all, and I rarely drink.  However, I used to be a lesbian who dated women.  It is now against the law to say you hate gay people on the job, but guess what isn’t against the law?  Constantly saying you think your gay coworker must be doing drugs.  Even if you know they are NOT on drugs. This is absolutely a form of gay bashing and harassment.  Yet supervisors refuse to stop it at many jobs.

The Internet has made it possible for a few old photos of you, fully clothed, holding the hand of your girlfriend from when you only dated women to have immortality.  If you dated a few girls twice as many photos exist.  If one of these gems outs you as a gay woman, and coworkers mention it publicly the constant “she must be drunk by breakfast, and do drugs” rumors start to fly in precise correlation.  This has also happened to many of my non-heterosexual friends, and so I know it is very common.  I took and passed many hundreds of drug and alcohol screenings. This is hard to do because the screenings are expensive.  I have NEVER failed a drug test.  In medieval Europe, and Puritan America the simple yelling of “Witch” could mean harassment and execution.  Made-up spirit testimony could be used as evidence. This is the new attitude to yelling “drugs” in America.  Tea that masks drug tests could sometimes explain a passed drug test. This makes pointing fingers and name calling of druggie can now be an infinite game. I once again say, like spirit testimony in a witch hunt, how can you truly prove or disprove what ISN’T THERE to leave evidence? Jobs can be lost due to personal grudges, prejudice on flamboyant dress, or gay sexuality.

Gay people often do not meet people in a heterosexual way at work and school easily.  They are outnumbered 10 to 1 by the normal population.  So they often go to nightclubs to meet people.  So do their nightclub friends who like to dance, and their musician friends who like to play music. Nightclubs sell alcohol, this creates many stereotypes in hate-mongers regarding ideas that gays and gay friendly people are at breakfast daily drunk and on drugs.  If they are NOT at all on substances, it is hard to prove.

Lately, Facebook has been banning Drag-queen names online.  This had very much brought to the attention of people that gay bashing is NOT dead.  Facebook argues that the “nicknames” people use online help criminals stay undetected. A drug dealer using a nickname could be extra hard for cops to catch. Yet it also helps non-heterosexuals avoid harassment at work.  It also helps nightclub-friendly people avoid harassment at work. With no nicknames an important safety control is lost.

More on the Facebook ban:

More on Fish and Trees.

Everyone is a genius, but a fish on a tree thinks he is stupid.

Einstein Fish Tree Quote Pic 1

More on genius and handicapped in the same lifetime.

Albert Einstein Handicapped Pic 1

Many famous people have been called mentally genius and handicapped in the same lifetime.  Albert Einstein for example, had autism. He was declared retarded and handicapped by teachers. I am taking a human growth and development class in college night school, and we are talking about normal vs. abnormal development. If you watched the famous movie “Rain Man” with Dustin Hoffman you know that it is a sad movie about an autistic person. The main character nicknamed “Rain Man” constantly has problems with normal life tasks.  He had “abnormal development”. He often makes messes, and sometimes can’t be touched for a hug without screaming. Rain Man hates almost all human contact, and has extreme anxiety fits as he cannot talk and socialize well. He is obsessed with watching TV, and has hour long screaming fits if he cannot watch his most loved shows. Yet if you only saw the part where his brother took him to a casino, and taught Rain-Man to count cards so he won huge sums of gambling money the movie would change. You would think it was a non-stop feel good movie. Rain-Man is a wealthy suit-wearing man who never has bad days.  The modern mass media has created the illusion that every person who has talents in life “never” has bad days.   Yet many people are a mix of both normal and abnormal development.  We are all a mixed bag of strength and weakness.

More at

More on the new record.

19401 was my step count for last night, my new Fitbit step-counter record! That was 45 mins Planet Fitness Gym treadmill, 1 hour bike. 2484 steps before 7pm 19401 steps by 12 AM 8.1 mile daily step total on 09/08/2014.  I am a non-smoker, and only have asthma to train around. Yet I am happy to reach new goals with fitness.  I have joined new fitness apps this week on my phone and computer. You can add me to friends using the PoeDaughter7 name on Fitbit, Sparkpeople, Runkeeper, Fitocracy, Endomondo, EveryMove, MyFitnessPal, and Lose It!

More at

ClipArt can-stock-photo_csp15206556

War vs. School Spending.

Stealth Bombers aircraft cost nearly $1 billion per craft; public schools only spend 8 K per child.  I know I post a great deal of anti-war pictures on my journals.  Yet I was just freshly denied student funding for this semester.  Which makes it hurt that much more as the United States government “can afford” 1 billion dollar stealth aircraft for the military.  In addition it can afford nuclear weapons that can burn the planet alive like a thousand suns.  Yet our government “cannot afford” student finance for college students with good and passing GPAs.  The funding it does give people in the form of “student loans” is in addition NOT free money.  It goes against your credit as a debt for house and car buying.  The government can take your tax returns for the rest of your life if it goes into default. In many countries with far less gross national product and tax income, they fully finance their students for life-long learning.  This is fully putting to shame our schools. More at

Benajmin-Franklin-Poster-Good-War Pic 1

More on funding denied.

I was denied all government funding for college night school again this semester.  I will make it, but it will be hard. As in “no food a great deal of the time” hard. More at 


School Funding Cuts Pic 1

Travel Confirmed.

It has been confirmed that Anne, Alexandria, and myself are moving to Richmond, Virginia in summer of 2015.  We have family living in that area, and they are having family emergencies where they need help.  Richmond has many great Universities in the area, and I am applying to the schools there.  This is one of the reasons I have returned to college.  Many schools no longer take older transfer credit and letters of recommendation from instructors, and I need to renew my letters and credit for it to count.  Master’s degree programs often require six fresh letters to apply.


Travel makes you Richer Pic 1

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