Poems from the Crimson Darkside Book Chapter 2 Section 2

Blog Introduction 2:


Poems from the Crimson Darkside Book Chapter 2 Section 2


These poems are from a few years ago.  Chapter 2 Section 2 of the Crimson Darkside book is older poems from 2011 and 2012 that I have recently re-edited.   I was getting really weird dream like images, and keeping a dream journal by my bed.    The dreams were super vivid, and had an almost three dimensional quality.  Some of them I painted, but many I turned into poems.

In addition I often write short stories.  Many of the characters sing songs or say poems to illustrate their point.  Another book which does this is The Hobbit, where the Dwarf characters sing as they wash dishes.  Instead of putting them into the stories for this issue, I just kept the poems and songs by themselves.

I was writing comics, but my scanner broke for a while.  I was doing reviews, but that did not work.  No matter how polite you try to be to people a review has a bit of criticism.  It mentions both the ups and downs of artists.

You may think comedians can take a joke.  However it turns out they often can’t.  Oh, I will do more review books alright.  They will all be of totally unknown artists with dead comics.  The Internet has become a bit of a comedy graveyard.  Artists make ten good comics or strip cartoons with vivid art and in depth dialogue, and give up.  No ending what so ever is on the page.  Nor do they publish it in book or comic format.

Then they never take the cartoons down.  Why do they feel the need to do this?  Is it some strong instinct, like birds flying south for the winter?  Or are they people sick with a broken leg, or an exploding gall bladder?  When they get better they have no free time for comics?

I am highly fascinated by this phenomenon.  Not just the urge to create art, but the sucking void where art wants to be.  When you walk down a beautiful ancient street from London, Madrid, Paris, or Berlin you cannot toss a rock without hitting a beautiful statue, mural, or work of art on the street.  When you walk down the street in America you see corporate logos and grey concrete.  Where is this void coming from?

I like to try new ideas with online books, and I have not fully posted more of my “poem ideas” so this latest posting will be the poems.  I have still not found that “Golden Ticket” idea that people really love to see as writing.  Yet the writing books say to keep at it.  When you find your ideas they will come.

This is the middle section of the book.  I stop pulling punches and let the really dark and poems in here.  Some of my poems are jolly holiday poems where the thoughts I am thinking are: “Let’s go party!”  However, it is a real truth of the soul that not all thoughts are happy.  These thoughts are real.  They are part of our emotional journey.  We must all learn to balance the good with the bad.

Note “Darkside” was kept as one word to make the book distinctive on search engines.  There are many book titles out there, and it is very difficult to create a title not over-used.

* The following are the pages from the book Poems from the Crimson Darkside starting at page 28 to 51.


Chapter 2  Poems Set 2






Darkest Hour Before the Shine of Dawn



In the cold and darkest night

Awakening seems far from sight.

With a new dawn ends a fight.

Ease the heart with full delight.


Darkest before dawn they say

A Bible phrase to pave the way.

When the now is filled with pain’s spite,

You must not give up and cease fight.


Such a bitter pain to almost see

The moment of the healed and free.

Yet know we can not feel healed now

Journey’s end we can see how.


Frozen is the heart of night*

Clawing for the freedom bright.


Authors Note: This poem is about feeling unhealed due to will full cruelty of others. It is about the longing for freedom from pain, which seems bright like a dawn.  The phrase “Darkest Before Dawn”  comes from the phrase “It is always darkest just before the Day dawneth.”  From the English theologian and historian Thomas Fuller in the 1700s.  It is often meaning that there is hope, even in the worst of circumstances.


Dogs of War





Rain flag we see you there

Scream that I should not care.

Apathy they train you for

Death day for the dogs of war.


Crash, bam, soul damn

Another war cry from Uncle Sam.

Seems like the war cry never ends

Be ready to die,

Bring all your friends.


Death a Dream should never be

So obvious they can not see.

Loved ones die with cruelty

Never leaders wish us free.


Seems the war cry never ends

Be ready to die,

Bring all your friends.


No money for the school or poor

You have to pay for Dogs of War.

Taxes pay for weaponry


Never will they let us free.

No taxes for a doctor fee

Survival’s worth Dogs can not see.

No one ever dares to say*

It never should be War Dogs way.




*Authors Note: My father Neil was career military, and died in the parking lot of a VA hospital while denied treatment. My brutal fall injury on a military base caused daily pain, and was denied all medical benefits. I was extremely bitter for a while.  I did not hate part of my military experience. I hated all of it.  It did not “break me down to build me back up again.”  It started horrible and stayed horrible… THE…. ENTIRE… TIME…  Many of my injuries were acts of God.  Yet the incredible lack of healthcare and social services to help with recovery after the fact made a bad situation incredibly worse.  It was devastating to all concerned.

Many poets have endeavored to capture the anger that the military and war can cause in a person’s life.  The only work of literature I have seen that even vaguely describes the anger I was feeling at the military was the T. S. Eliot poem “The Hollow Men” (1925) in the phrase:  “Eyes I dare not meet in dreams (7 syllables ) In death’s dream kingdom.” And “Not with a bang but a whimper.” (8 syllables) Were all I could find that vaguely captured the rage.  It was my hope to catch some shadow of the anger here clear in “The Hollow Men”  Torn apart by the horrors of World War I  Eliot was not a fan of the ravages of conflict.  Few people accepted his anti-patriotic viewpoint in his own age  yet his work is now considered classic literature.



Black Circle Plant






Black simple circle

Pan for green leaf growing now

Rocks trickle to base.



Author’s Note: After too much study of Western European poem technique, I needed to try another style as a break.  This Haiku poem is for bamboo plants, in a circle pan base.  The pan is black.


Fear of Wisdom




Fear of Wisdom a common theme

Some may often say.

For the wise that have a dream

Common people make them pay.


John the Baptist was wise of thought

Of genius he did speak.

And for this sin was killed for thought

By meager and of weak.


Galileo was star wise

Saw right sun and moon in skies.

They tried to kill him for their hate

A dungeon cold to be his fate.


A Mesmer had a dream

To hypnotize away pains scream.

They laid him low for his sight

They fought him with all their might.

Huey Long was smart for days

His vast memory gained praise.

They shot him for his fight

They killed with all their might.


Kennedy was killed some say

They found way to make him pay.

The lesson is clear to see

A genius never safe to be.

They will kill the ones quite quick

Who speak out for weak, poor, and sick.


As small child genius gains pets and praise

Older people must change their ways.

People fear what they can not understand

People fear what they can not command.


For bold ideas make you hard to fight

And rich men quickly fear your might.

Dead your fate is soon to be

So men of power should feel free.


Every story seems to say

Have a dream and you will pay.


*Author’s Note: The other day I was watching the movie “Idiocracy.” In the introduction, it hints

that evolution used to favor the best and most noble traits of humanity. Yet now the best and

brightest people are afraid to bring a child into the world, and the lowest IQ people feel no

hesitation at all. While it is true that it used to be only the most successful people who could

afford to breed, the sentiment is not completely true. Many people with big ideas have always

been witch hunted by society. Only the people who escaped social notice were really safe

creating an urge to mediocrity in most ages of society.




With Gleaming Eyes



They worship it with gleaming eyes

Like Inquisitions claim God love

Never empty out the flaming skies

The Flags of War they pet and praise.


They will torture fast and witch hunt you

If you worship not camouflage.

If Army green does sicken you

They will try to blame you for it.


Do back flips to praise War Gods fame

If you don’t they will just brand your name.

And will simply call YOU the one insane

Will never admit to their crime.


The bullies have a great gimmick true

In the worship of Red White and Blue.

They can’t wait to torture you

Like Inquisitions claim God Love.


When I see colors Army Green

My eyes blaze with Searing Hate Song.

The violence and death made machine *

With BLIND faith people run to praise.


*Authors Note: My feelings towards this poem are heavily mirrored in the earlier poem “Dogs of War”  It seems to me that people have lost the urge to give even constructive criticism to their government in learned helplessness to authority.


Cyber Purple Sky


Cyber Purple Sky is in Haze

In the Electric Night Land Dream.

David Bowie’s robot still lives

He had been paid to judge.


It names the feelings that you feel

When you step out on the town.

And know the euphoria feels so real

When you wear your dancing gown.


The contest made here this night

When you stole a simple dress.

They will kill you soon unless

You can win the space-cart race.


Your pub against the neighbors

Rabid fans soon line the track.

The road is a vast rollercoaster

A track at fifty stories high.


You teleport to night life space

To get there with your team.

You knew the track was there

They never did until magic day.


They were shocked to find your power

Strength and secrete identity.

Of powerful hidden strengths

You gaze at track loops soaring.


High in the sky of purple

Seven moons sit in crescents.

Blots shoot from raised high hands

To door of your ship to win.


To open the charged door to save you

Race forward to save your life.


You fly to the maze to teleport*

And win another rat race.


Author’s Note: This dream image is about the feeling of euphoria before you go out for a night

on the town to hang out with friends. In this story, a woman steals a dancing gown dress from a

science fiction convention. She is caught, and the overlords give her one chance at freedom:

She must win the race with the cyber cars that run on roller coaster tracks. The race is on a

planet with a purple sky and seven moons. Bowie’s cyborg must judge it for the win.

I wrote too many dark poems in a row and needed to put down something more light hearted.







A problem whispered to a friend

In hushed voices and downcast eyes

A problem stammered as a secret end

Is the source of soul true demise.


To keep problems in dark secret

And hide from light of known way

Is to make a source of regret

And to make a dark sadist’s day.


Yet the problem that you say to all

And say in clear steady voice.

Then to all the people give your call

And expose your soul with clear choice

Is a victory to people all.


The problem you sing in songs

In proud moments that you chose.

Can ease the deepest hurt wrongs

It’s only called “Singing the Blues”


And earns you quick gold records many

Stadium gigs by the score.

Of friendships you can pick any

The fans rant to call for more.


So the trick is just to know you

And to keep pain out of the cold.

Own your problems so true*

And face dead on problems old.


Authors Note: This poem is about the irony of modern therapy. In modern day people treasure

and dwell upon things that annoy them, like picking at a scab wound. The old world method of

solving problems of the precise same type and nature was to sing songs about them like “singing

the blues” as you learned to laugh at them. Both methods do have their merits for problem

solving. However it is ironic that people more and more often have to be warned when to stop

dwelling, and when to let go.


Raven King of Night


Raven darkened king of night

Gleam of eye and then take flight.

Night sky sparkles in the air

Of the terrors you’ll not care.


Care not for you are the king

Autumn’s notes we hear you sing.

Razor feathers cut the night

Bloody talons mark your flight.


Villain or a hero now?

Of your deed we don’t know how.

Singing notes in darkest night

Bloody talons mark your flight.


Why and how I care not for,*

Land you on night’s open door.


*Authors Note: Ravens are like vultures, they tend to gather at execution grounds. They are therefore considered omens and messengers  of dark execution from very ancient times. This raven is making it hard to tell if he or she kills for good causes or for evil.


Wings Fall




Winged one who falls to earth

Taking choir classes in school.

She learns that songs can give you wings

Can grow wings when friends hear dreams.


Starts to fall of a mountain cliff

Of social pain they do not name.

She can only grow wings when they say

Classical music she sings.


Words they break the timeless spell

The wings turn to dust after use.

She saves two friends with her power great

A boy and then a girl child.


No one else seems to see this

A power with life to save now.

But hidden strengths are strengths too

Another day will sing a bragging song.


Her words she keeps in a prison

Till a coin flip calls them free.

And someday her song will crush worlds *

When words they are full let free.




*Author’s Note: This poem is about social forces that try to isolate people, and keep them from

saying their ideas. If someone is afraid to hear your voice, you should watch out for them and

keep them at bay.





Poems from the Crimson Darkside Book Chapter 1 Section 1

Notes on Inspiration:


Blog Introduction 1: 



Poems from the Crimson Darkside Book Chapter 1 Section 1

I have been doing too many social blogs.  It is time to really write a work for publishing. I performed poetry readings at the coffee shops of my first colleges.  I have fully explored many coffee shop poetry groups.  I have taken and passed college and University level poetry courses.  I know how to dissect the assonance, alliteration, rhythm, and meter of both English and Italian sonnets.  I drew from Norton and many other books format for my most recent batch of poems.

My favorite source for great poems is “The Norton Anthology of English Literature Eight Edition Volume D – The Romantic Period” (Stillinger/Lynch et al. copyright 2011).  This is a book containing history, samples, and analysis of many great authors including Mary Wollstonecraft, George Gordon (Lord Byron), and Percy Bysshe Shelley.

People forget the word “Gothic” is not just a term made up by fashion designers in the 90s to sell clothes.  Victorian Romantic Gothic Poetry and its title variants are real course titles offered at Harvard, Yale, Oxford, and every other accredited Western European tradition based college and University programs.  It is used to describe an era of poetry just previous to the year 1900.

What is so special about the time around the year 1900?  This is an age where people began to know the emotional freedom of modern liberated life containing factory goods, paved roads, electricity, motor boats, and trains.  Unfortunately they were still trapped medieval morality in social attitudes.  For example being homosexual publicly could earn you a prison sentence of many years hard labor in death trap prisons.  Only the very wealthy could buy secret time in their private lives.  It was an age where colonization brought countries together, in a culture clash of many customs.  Fear and social mistrust ripped them apart, even as new ways of living and loving were united together in sharp contrast.

Young aristocrats destined for wealth inherited huge sums of money from “Immortal Benefactors” who had earned so much money it was hoped the inheritance would live on forever.  As children they were told that these patriarchs had earned the money by teaching literacy overseas as missionaries to uncivilized and unchristian heathens.

Their servants told them the forefathers had “found” gold and diamonds laying around the streets because they were loved by God.  After these children inherited huge sums of money from the missionary forefathers at the age of maturity they found to their horror journals left in vaults documenting that injustice and pain often lead to the amassing of great wealth.  No literacy training and Christian teaching was done in eternal night-dark underground mines.  Cruel mines where workers were beaten and worse were the real places gold was found. Their “Immortal Benefactors” were often in fact blood thirsty monsters.

They needed the money too badly to give it up, and yet the angry awareness of a dark history ate at their subconscious minds.  A new level of enjoyment of power was mixed with a new level of horror toward social empowerment haunted an era.

This duality created an urge towards legendary fiction and poetry.   Books like Frankenstein by Shelley in 1818,  Dracula by Stoker 1897, and The Vampyre by Polidori 1819 were once not famous they had to earn their fame in the era of Romantic Poetry.

With this archetype in place many people feeling frustration and angst are drawn to the imagery of the Gothic and Romantic poets.  The dark aristocrats with hunger being the creatures that can give amazing empowerment and destruction with wild abandon is an archetype that has gained a life of its own.   It is something that lives on to modern day as a point of fear.   It is the secret heart of a great deal of traditional literature.

With this series of poems I am using a mixture of the Romantic era styles like Byron’s “She Walks in Beauty Like the Night” (1815), and the more modern style of T.S. Eliot’s “The Hollow Men” (1925) in syllable structure.  The title line “She Walks in Beauty Like the Night” (8 syllables) and most of T.S. Eliot’s “The Hollow Men” (1925) stick to a 7/8 syllable structure.  “The Hollow Men” line “Eyes I dare not meet in dreams (7) In death’s dream kingdom” and “Not with a bang but a whimper” (8 syllables) and his common AA BB rhyme scheme tend to form a strong impact with imagery.   In a few I try for the more immortal sonnet form of the 10 syllable structure with double alliteration seen in  Shelley’s poem Ozymandias “The lone and level sands stretch far away.” (Quoted heavily by the band Sisters of Mercy.) However, let’s face it, this is a hard technique to master.  I am trying to put aspects of this in my writing format.

I don’t claim to have written perfect poems.  I at least wrote poems and dared to express myself.  “Common Sense” is a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine containing a few inspired words, and it changed history.  A bit of self expression can be a powerful thing in the right context.  A poem can make you see things with your heart.  Here are the latest drafts of the journey that my heart saw.


*This is the free preview for the first set of Poems from the New Book “Poems From The Crimson Darkside”

Chapter 1  Poems Set 1



Pumpkin Darkened Night


Pumpkin darkened in the night,

Take a candle give it light.

Crisp air of a new fall day,

It is Halloween I say.


Spirits break into the night

With the living they don’t fight.

Grand pumpkin is now a friend,

With his candle darkness end.


Love the feeling bounce with glee.

October frost is set now free.

Autumn people wicked you see,

In the bark of old oak tree.


Pumpkin darkened in the night*

Take a candle give it light.



Author’s note: This simple poem captures a more direct happy emotion.  This is about how great it feels when autumn and Halloween becomes the new part of the year.


Rich Man Walks




Rich man in day sun walks

With the Strut of the American Dream

Silk of the rich suit gleams

In the searing bright day sun.


Homeless man wrapped in band-aides

And bloodied gauze for hands.

At the foot of rich man’s stride

He crosses lowly at the path.


Rich man tosses money to the cup

Gives him just a shiny dime.

And a few wisps of pocket lint*


A good deed for the day…

Trickle down little coin…

Trickle down little coin…

Trickle down little coin…

Such a shiny little coin.


*Authors Note: This is an obvious protest of trickle down economics. In direct response to the lack of healthcare normal in the “American Capitalist system.” This poem captures the direct emotional response to inadequate urges for charity as they are mistakenly deemed adequate.



Faun in the Maze




The Faun man sits on stone squares

In a vast Labrinth Maze.

Hoofs are his feet

He is three foot tall.


You pass him on your journey

And he fixes you with a gaze.

On a stack of thirty stones

Covered with moon moss so long.


He begins to speak pointing to the dark

“The darkness you now see has always

Been waiting for you

You thought it was an acting game


To play in the darkness wild

Covering up for the real pain

Since you were a child.”

No, no, no you hate his words!

Then away you run.

I can not leave the games!*

I must walk the game maze forever.



Author’s Note: This more surreal and dark free verse poem is a dream image. It is about the games we play, and how they are more real then they seem.


*This will be the first of three blog entries containing the latest poems.  These poems and more are aviable in the new book “Poems from the Crimson Darkside” by author Andrea Menzies

Burns Half as Long – Personal Update for This Week

Personal Update for This Week

“The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long “ – Movie Quotes Blade Runner.  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0083658/quotes

Some weeks everything wants to burn out all at once.  This has been one of THOSE kinds of weeks for me.  Nothing like “Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.” (Blade Runner) but some years the changes in life all want to happen at ONE time.  You hope they will be slow like grass growing.  That is the sort of change that is easy to roll with and not notice.  However life is not something that can be charted like a map. The only thing that does not change to grow is a corpse that is dead.  I just broke up with a guy I was seeing and “burns half as long” as a relationship commentary hits close to home for me.

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Personal Updates

Day of the Dead Art

Surreal Taco Cabana Art Pic 1


The wall art at the Taco Cabana here in the Cedar Park area of Austin, TX is getting pretty surreal.  Day of the Dead art is great, but this is getting ultra silly.  Still, a really pretty sculpture worthy of a photograph.

I praise the guts of iron that ripping up a jacket took. Personal Update of the Week.

Kermit Action Guy Facebook Pic 1


Creature Shop mentioned the famous “Jim cut up mom’s jacket to make Kermit” story on last night’s show. I praise the guts of iron that ripping up a jacket and taking it to a job interview as a project took. https://sites.google.com/a/apps.edina.k12.mn.us/mississippi_3/jim-henson

Thanks to Sci Fi network for making a great new chapter to the Muppet stories.  I used to travel a great deal as a small child.  It sort of frightened me how beautifully decorated the cities of other countries were like downtown Paris, Berlin, and London.  You can’t toss a rock without hitting an increadible artwork on the street in these cities, and yet American streets look like grey stone and corporate advertisements.  You can’t tell one street from the next on most American blocks.  There are few moments when art is staying alive in the United States, and cartoons and puppets are the last stronghold.  It reminded me that I have been a Muppet Show fan for a long while.  This is the 25 year birthday Kermit I ordered from a comic book store back in 2004.  As a geeky toy lover, it was a proud moment in toy collecting history.  I learned how to download Instagram apps this week, so Kermit photos from my phone were my first Instagram photos on Google photos.

Video game review: Gaia Online ZOMG ‘s new Loyalty shop.

Gaia Review Loyalty Shop 1

Video game review:  Gaia Online ZOMG ‘s new Loyalty shop.

One of the better places to play flash games online is the Gaia Online ZOMG area.  I must highly recommend this game as an MMO style videogame area with quests, avatars, avatar houses and simple flash games like Blackjack and Tetris.  For an ultra-quick game fix, you can just feed some online fish in a tank.  One of my fish this week is a ninja fish with a sword, under my character name PoeDaughter7.  Yet it does not use up the system recourses of some of the more complex MMO style games. If you have a computer acting glitch it is a fun way to play a quick game.  In addition, it is free to play.  This week their take on Something Wicked This Way Comes is a loyalty shop with a carnival theme.  Located at this link http://www.gaiaonline.com/market/ (location of this post’s graphic) and under  the name Loyal’s Bazaar the new loyalty shop has been much asked for under the chat forums.  Your avatar gains gold daily from log in and games.  This shop offers greater bargains compared to the other online shops where you can buy, sell, and trade your game winnings.  To use the new loyalty areas, you must have an account over 90 days old.  You must have logged in 60 of the 90 days.  So far I give the area a rating of five out of five stars.  The graphics on the items look good, and the use in-game use is high in rating.  However, I did not log in enough days, and lost use to the full area.  The one drawback is that I like the game, but I don’t get bored enough to play video games EVERY day.  Therefore, the new feature will not be of constant use to me.

“Ladies and Gentlemen of Gaia – It’s Loyal here, and I wanted to take a moment to let you know that we’re going to be celebrating something special – YOU!

Since my traveling circus is on hiatus, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who have been so, shall we say, “Loyal” to Gaia Online. From your fabulous art to your in-depth discussions, truly you are what makes Gaia such a great place to be.

To celebrate your fabulousness, I’ve created a special shop and guild for those of you who have shown amazing loyalty to logging in spending your time on Gaia! There are also all sorts of other benefits like Loyalty Shop items, a Loyalty Guild, Guild contests, and other surprises! Of course, I cannot tell you all the perks – some things must remain a mystery! Gotta keep some things up my sleeve…”

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More on the yell guy. Personal Update for This Week.

Personal Update for This Week

I’m walking down the street downtown last night and mean young guy driving by in a car yells “Lesbian!” at me.  Then I think, “Does he know one of my ex girlfriends? Is one mad at me? How does he know I used to date girls?”  Then I understand that he is just a jerk angry that I could get way more and better girls than he could ever get. It is likely that with an attitude like that he completely struck out with many girls that night and went home very bitter.  Then it made me think of this definition for Lesbian feminism “It particularly refutes heteronormativity, the assumption that everyone is “straight” and society should be structured to serve heterosexual needs.” – Lesbian feminism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lesbian_feminism  Why does he automatically assume that people  would be embarrassed if they were into girls? Why does he spit the word like a cuss word?  Is he questioning his own sexuality and confused by it?  Is he angry that he does not have the courage to pursue his own gender identity so that he has to ridicule people who have?  It was a very odd moment to realize how many social stereotypes still exist concerning sexuality and gender.

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New Shirts this Week at Andrea’s Zazzle Store.

New Shirts this Week at Andrea’s Zazzle Store.

At long last I got my scanner to upload paintings in a format Zazzle would take.  They turned out okay, and I know what I am giving to my family for gifts this year.  Painted calendars and painted coffee cups! But seriously, on the postcards it only gives the painter 5 cents per dollar card.  A better profit to 5 cents per dollar would be nice.



The Minimal Adventures of Pippa and Cici Comic Review for Web-comics Wednesday Reviews

Pippa and Cici Joke 1



Review 10.        April 4, 2014


The Minimal Adventures of Pippa and Cici Comic Review for Web-comics Wednesday Reviews


WordPress.com has become one big review blog contest.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion under freedom of speech, and every movie made is overly dissected in blogs these days.  This leaves the market wide open for so many other things that can be reviewed.  There is no question that web-comics have exploded into popularity all over the net.  Web-comics are a near infinite source free illustrated fiction books to review.  Each comic we review is the winner of the “FH7 Web-comic Weekly Winner Award”, and the author can feel free to post “Award Winning” on their comic. It is getting to be a big deal in book promotional blogs even if it is still at hobby-blog status.  The authors pick comics to review, or on the page after the fh7publishing.com home page you can use the form to request a review.  Small web-comics can increase their web-traffic with the highly promoted reviews.


Name of Comic: The Minimal Adventures of Pippa and Cici


Grade: So far so good ****  four out of five stars.


Location of Comic: http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/The_Minimal_Adventures_of_Pippa_and_Cici/5144242/


Username of Creator:  Rockster1039


How I Found It:  Google


Major Themes:  Ridicule of Internet Memes


Days of Update: No Regular Days years 2007 to 2009


Will it Continue:  Outlook Unclear


Reviews:   Back from the dead!  Reviews are back from the dead.  Resurrected like a re-born spirit just in time for Easter in April.  I took a long break from writing reviews because some of the more expensive, high dollar comics were complaining.  Gasp!  How dare I say you are not perfect!  Yet the smaller comics were thanking me for comic reviews.  They were happy anyone was reading their stuff at all, and got more readers from the reviews.  They were even requesting reviews.  In addition, my scanner and photo editor crashed.  My reviews let me put material into my blog that I can later publish that does NOT require a printer, edits, or scanner.  So be on the lookout for more reviews this week, and a new review book every 25 reviews. ( A few pages a post is a hundred thirty page Kindle book REALLY fast.)  Many changes of format are happening.  I now post whenever I feel like it, not just Wednesday.  To avoid the critics, I am now going to focus exclusively on small, simply made, dead web-comics.  Unless the request for review is really earnest I am just not willing to risk an in box filled with angry mail.  Where do all these dead web-comics come from?  Why draw a complicated web-comic and just abandon it without getting to a conclusion in the plot?  This and many more questions we will explore.

A perfect example of a much loved, and yet abandoned web-comic is The Minimal Adventures of Pippa and Cici.  It seems to have entirely been based on making fun of the incredibly popular “I can haz cheezburger?” Meme that was all over the net.  Okay, worth a joke or two.  Then it spirals into a two year odyssey  of really surreal box art and photos.  It starts in the year 2007, and goes to year 2009.  Somehow, it remains well tended and funny, and it does stay an interesting experiment in comedy.  The art is very detailed, and obviously time consuming to make. Readers liked it, and gave it many interesting comments.  For example Episode 4 here: http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/The_Minimal_Adventures_of_Pippa_and_Cici/4901386/

Yet the web-comic world remained fickle and crass.  The Minimal Adventures of Pippa and Cici stopped posting in 2009.  The author gives no swans song or explanation, and just cuts off.  Readership then ended, without a new comic emerging to take it’s place.


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It’s official: I am broke. Personal Update for This Week

Personal Update for This Week

It’s official: I am broke.  Paying hundreds of dollars to my college night school broke the bank this week.  I am down to 8 dollars in the bank.  Yes, there are student loans and pell grants.  Yet they only cover limited expenses, many stop when you hit a certain age, and they cut them off if you already have an undergraduate degree.  If you need extension courses and nursing certifications you have to pay for them out of pocket.  Not everyone has the “deep pockets” to do this kind of student finance even if they do have the drive to do the work. I will be able to go back to college, but just barely.   I may have won a lawsuit for a bad back injury, but I also had massive bill debt to finance the lawsuit.  Lawyers do not pay themselves. Debt for daily needs like food, clothing, shelter, and transportation builds up while you are waiting for the suit to settle.  By the time you get cash, no money will be left over after the payment for luxuries. It will all go to back payment survival bills. That is where I am at right now. The good news is that I can return to school this year, the bad news is I will be just scraping by as I do so. In many countries they pay fully for students to go to school, but NOT in the USA. I have been getting bombarded by requests from friends who think I can do infinite things now that I “have money” but my ability to multitask is still limited.


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