More on the last class.

Done with college classes, passed all my classes, and in my last class made an A! Heck yea! :-D  It took a lot of extra credit to make that last A, but I did it!

Library During Finals Joke 1

More on the sales deadline.

For people who buy Avon from me, a deadline is near.  Orders for Christmas must be in NOW, or you will not get it shipped for the holiday.  I have put up extra payment links on my personal webpage for the holidays for sales.

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my friend decided to spice up for coffee jar

my friend decided to spice up for coffee jar

More on in pain.

So much Austin Community College Library study today! So far I have only missed 2 days this quarter. Very good due to my 2 hospital stays with bad flu this year. When I said that I disliked the day-off rules of my teachers, I only mean that it is hard to go to class when you are sick. Being in pain, I dislike it.

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More on the last second.

Lots of group work in my night school classes this week. Things hit a high note around the end of the first part of the year with exams. I will try not to only study at the last second.


Texas one more time.

My mother fully says we are NOT moving out of town until next year, and I got it in writing.  So I am going to work and school in Texas for one more year.  She is pretty inspired to move to Virginia soon.  Yet the timing is really bad at the moment for all our lives.

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The Weight Gurus Digital Scale review.

The Weight Gurus Digital Scale works great! I used three other Internet scales before I found this one, the one that works. I have a very low level prepaid Android phone, and was not sure the app would work. The app installed well, and runs well on even a basic Internet phone. The scale with app has been very good in giving me information, and keeping me motivated for fitness goals. It was easy to install, and get working. If this one breaks I will buy another for sure.

More on the Dump Days.

Cupid Clip Art Pic 1

The guy I was seeing on and off just dumped me last night for a model girl half his age. Sucks.  People wonder how girls get bitter about dating, and every time these girls have reached out for compassion they get burned.  Society has all these expectations that love is some sort of answer.  Yet the reality is it’s like guys are trying to kick your heart in the crotch.

More on Potter’s Head.

“[Lupin] seems like a very good teacher. But I wish I could have had a turn with the boggart” — (Hermione, Book 3)

Homework for my adolescent psychology class always reminds me of this article on Harry Potter entitled “What Harry Potter is really about” at  It’s the theory that Harry Potter is really about a person being in-patient hospitalized, and needing a little bit of therapy.  The article states “The first book features Harry at his new “school” becoming obsessed with a mirror, where he spends endless days imagining his perfect parents (of course, they are dead, which is a metaphor for saying they are wholly imaginary). Dumbledore, the paragon of surrogate love, warns Harry that the mirror has driven people insane, because spending all your time in fantasy causes you to become unmoored to the real world.” When he is not given outpatient care, Harry gives in to this dark obsession.  Ron and Herminone, in contrast, are allowed outpatient care to visit their loving family and candy shops in town frequently staying less damaged. It is a plea by the writer that outpatient care be more of a standard in healthcare, and that cold and cruel institutions should not dominate healthcare. J. K. Rowling famously needed to be in-patient hospitalized for a bit of depression (if you Google her name and depression hundreds of articles come up where she freely admits this), and it is a metaphor for some of her negative experiences with getting healthcare.  Harry, Ron, Hagrid, Neville and all the rest of the children and grown-ups are so charming.  Yet if you look closely they all have something “wrong”, like Ron’s brothers who constantly play very dangerous pranks on everyone. Harry’s lightning bolt cut is on his head, it hurts him always. Professor Lupin fully goes insane at the changes of the Moon. Many people think people who need therapy should all be in jail, and she is arguing that you would toss in jail all the loveable characters of their world. Many are caring and talented in studies, sports, and caring for animals.  It is a popular Internet theory and a stunning commentary on government regulation of healthcare.

More on Steering Choose.

This week the steering I choose is car steering. Much driving transition. When I was in Germany or France, I noticed you could get places with the public transport. The US is not like this, and you pretty much have to have a way to get around. Yet I will not talk about the details, the net can be a bad place to mention too much personal information.

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