Puck for Webcomic Wednesday

Puck for Webcomic Wednesday

Puck for Webcomic Wednesday.

Webcomic Wednesday and Super-Comic Sunday Reviews

Welcome to Web-Comic Wednesday, and Super-Comic Sunday!  I have been doing reviews on web-comics for a while on the net, and now I have made them a regular feature on FH7’s main hobby blogs.  Here is the deal, in basic form.  I read the first 3 and last 3 posts on a web-comic (or more) to get the feel.  Then I report what I think, and what was good.  I am likely not going to say many bad things, if I read it to give a review.  Stan Lee has more movie money with adaptations of his comic books than Marilyn Monroe ever earned at this point, so web-comics may be the new screen play of the Internet Age.  My Technorati rating this week is 23970 at Frozen History Seven Publishing  out of 2 million comic blogs. I am rated Authority: 103 in Comics Reviews down 1 from last week.  I had to beat out 3 Canadian Comic book stores on reviews for that vast honor so yea… there is that to think about.

Name of Comic:  Puck

Grade: So far so good **** four stars.

Location of Comic: http://www.puckcomics.com/

Username of Creator:  ElectricGecko

How I Found It:  It was linked to comics on The Duck WebComics my favorite online syndicate. ( It was given high ratings by Allan Moore at E-How.)

Major Themes:  In the Author’s Words, it states “Puck is a weekly webcomic that, in the words of one fan, is “mostly irreverent humor concerning a pretty girl with freckles and a hot she-devil who wears fan-service costumes.” Surreal fantasy slice-of-life crazy-type stuff about the world’s funniest redhead! Updates Tuesday.”  A supernatural comic, with female dominated themes not overly gamer related.  A rarity in supernatural comics.

Days of Update: Tuesday – Seems to be when most people have free time.

Will it Continue: Yes, it is at comic 88 past the danger zone of 30 comics.  Most people crap out at that level.

Selling Points: Is the comic that had a good button introducing me to http://inkoutbreak.com/ a fun way to get good web-comics in your e mail.  This comic started out as a student newspaper gag strip, and has come a long way.  The strip portrays women as far more than objects, an unfortunate fall back of the uncreative brains in the web-comic world.  The characters have issues, problems, and attitude yet the gags are good.  Oddly, the new and older strips all seem to have mothering as a main theme.  Having a knack for female skills, or an utter lack of talent.  Oddly, Tolkien had no strong female characters.  Supernatural meets the mundane is always a great source of comedy gold, and this one really meets the standard.  I like this comic. I am giving it a positive review! fhseven dot com…


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