W3rkshop Comics for Webcomics Wednesday Reviews.

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Webcomic Wednesday and Super-Comic Sunday Reviews

W3rkshop Comics for Webcomics Wednesday Reviews

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Welcome to Web-Comic Wednesday, and Super-Comic Sunday Reviews!  My Technorati rating this week is 22530 at Frozen History Seven Publishing  out of about 2 million comic blogs. It is listed here: http://technorati.com/blogs/directory/overall/page-929/ I am rated Authority: 103 in Comics Reviews down 1 from last week.  It is a big deal in unpaid hobby-blog obsession land.  I had to beat out 3 small Comic book stores on reviews for that vast honor so yea… there is that to think about.

Name of Comic:  W3rkshop Comics

Grade: So far so good ****  four stars.

Location of Comic: http://www.w3rkshop.com/

Username of Creator:  http://www.w3rkshop.com/about-w3rkshop/staff/

How I Found It:  My web-comic is also gets cross-posts to its “free to use” sister syndicate, I don’t dish out what I can’t take!

Major Themes:  Fantasy, magic, humor based on magic.

Days of Update: Tuesdays

Will it Continue: Massive content on website, looks likely

Review:  One of the largest sets of comic creators in the webcomic world is the W3rkshop Team.  This week I read their “desert appetite” series located here:  http://www.w3rkshop.com/warshop/v-deserts-appetite/standard-static/v-deserts-appetite-part-000-ss/  The artwork is smooth and reminds me a great deal of Anion Flux.  My one problem is that their webpage was so huge when I found it that I could not find the comics at first.  It was many links deep when I first clicked to the page before I got to the art.  People want a comic page one click one, on the short attention span Olympics that is the Internet.  Yet the graphics are worth the wait.  It always amazes me how near future Blade Runnner/Mad Max style cyber comics think women in the apocalypse will have oceans of free time for gorgeous outfits, perfect hair, and makeup.  If you have no water, how did you dye your hair with four hair colors? In fact that is what I want to know… Yet we forgive these lapses of continuity so that a fun work of art can be created that captures a mood.  The he man hero saves damsels in distress AND small children.  It is the hallmark of any good comic.  I think it is great, check it out!

More information at http://www.fh7publishing.com and http://www.fhseven.com/


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