Bob the Squirrel comic for Webcomics Wednesday, Super-comic Saturday, and Mega-comic Monday Reviews


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Review 18.     Aug 26, 2013

Bob the Squirrel comic for Webcomics Wednesday, Super-comic Saturday, and Mega-comic Monday Reviews

Welcome to Web-Comic Wednesday, Super-Comic Saturday, and Mega-comic Monday Reviews!  Review blogs are incredibly popular, and comics are a near infinite source free illustrated fiction books to review.  Each comic we review is the winner of the “FH7 Web-comic Weekly Winner Award”, and can feel free to post “Award Winning” on their comic. My Technorati rating this week is 16390 (up from the first low rating of 18139)  at Frozen History Seven Publishing out of about 2 million entertainment review blogs. It is listed here:  I am rated Authority: 107 in Entertainment Reviews up one popularity rank from last week.  It is getting to be a big deal in book promotional blogs.

These reviews are then published under the title FH7 Quarterly Fiction Reviews at the next one will be out in a few more weeks.

Name of Comic: Bob the Squirrel

Grade: So far so good **** four out of five stars.

Location of Comic:

Username of Creator: Frank Page

How I Found It:  News MTV Geek

Major Themes:  Fantasy

Days of Update: Daily

Will it Continue:  Outlook Good

Personal Note:  For my main writing blog and webpage I have decided to focus on illustrated poems and fiction in one book series.  A secondary series is book reviews.  I realized on of the reasons I came to a decision on this format is that I kept looking while bored at my refrigerator.  I have a picture there of me at the Edgar Allan Poe museum in Richmond, Virginia.  Poe did book reviews and illustrated fiction with poems!  I am channeling Poe’s fiction style!  I didn’t realize I was even doing that until tonight.  Then I was like “Hey didn’t Poe do poems and book reviews to get famous?” I rechecked it, yep, was totally something I remembered.  Odd how the subconscious mind works some years.  Poe did have his faults, but he did write some very famous work.  He was what he needed to be for his time period.

Reviews: This week’s illustrated fiction comes to me by way of a new source, MTV geek’s top 20 web-comics.  The latest Miley Cyrus ugly pants fiasco at MTV has brought new life to their web-comic review sites this week.  The popularity of web-comics as self expression has not escaped even the mass media dominated MTV markets.  They describe it well here as the following:  “The human and talking animal motif is common in comic strips, but the newspaper versions where the idea originated has gotten pretty watered-down. Frank Page brings the idea back with some real biting sarcasm, and the semi-autobiographical nature of his stories really hit some strong emotional elements.”  A description which was intriguing enough to entrance me into reading a new author.

Then the author further intrigued me by posting this by one of the first comics I read in the present storyline.  “I have un-scientifically complied a list of things that, if in my comic strip Bob the Squirrel, will make me tons of money, make me world famous and contribute greatly to my inability to sleep at night.  The following items are listed randomly… no one item is more important than the other.  If you know of something I’ve missed, just let me know…1. Zombies 2. Some sort of gaming 3. Hipsters 4. A weapon (swords, axes… no guns) 5. Bikinis 6. Skinny Jeans 7. Energy Drinks (non-coffee or cola) 8. Some sort of X-Sport 9. An old fart like me talking about the days when flannel was in-style (never thought it went OUT of style). 10. Swearing”  This made me laugh!  It is the eternal dilemma for any writer:  Just how many gimmicks should I stoop to today?  I already went for many talking animals.  I know zombies and skinny jeans are just a week of boredom away.

In addition to going on entertaining blog rants, the author also has many selling points that appeal to me as a reader.  Talking animals not done sarcastically.   A pen and ink style cartoon that has a good style in an not overly manga style way.  Plus interesting caption contests and other marketing ideas.  I will like to see where this comic goes in the future. I give it a good review.


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